A Birthday, Another Book and NO REGRETS

Happy Birthday to Me! I turned 42 on Aug. 22.

Where did the time go? How did I get to 42 years on this planet? Those are some questions I ask when I celebrate another birthday, but it is almost always followed with wonder. I’m awed at how God has kept me. He has been with me through yet another year filled with laughter, tears, sorrow and joy. All I can do is give Him thanks because tomorrow is promised to no one. That’s why I am determined to live a life with no regrets. And, I can.  God forgave me and threw my past sins in the sea of forgetfulness so I am filled with joy, not regret.

But  I also pursued my passion. I don’t have to wonder, what if … I don’t have to say, I would’ve, I could’ve, I should’ve. Now I can look back and say, I DID. I’ve had to make many sacrifices. I’ve stayed up until the wee hours of the morning. I’ve cried. I’ve labored. But, I’m content. I’m pursuing my passion and fulfilling my purpose. No matter the outcome, at least I know I tried. How can I ever regret that?

What’s your dream? Stop sitting on it! Stop putting it off! Go ahead and do it!

So, here I am ready and hopeful for what my 42nd year holds, while celebrating the release of my eight novel, My Soul Then Sings today. I wrote My Soul Then Sings because I had so many requests from readers who wanted to knowwhat happened with Karlie after Sing A New Song. My Soul Then Sings takes us into Karlie’s life five years later. All I can say is strap on your seatbelt because this is one crazy ride!

Also, I was Nominated for Author of the Year by BWABC Literacy Rocks. PLEASE vote for me.   CLICK here to vote.

P.S. You know the best thing you can do for an author for their birthday, right? 🙂



Is there a sin not worth confessing?
Ryan Oakes is keeping a huge secret, one that threatens his relationships with both his wife and son. As a new convert, his Conscience prods him to tell the truth but Ryan decides to employ every trick in the book to keep from confessing.  But, when his marriage begins to suffer, he is forced to come clean. But at what cost?
Patricia Oakes is troubled by her husband’s unusual interest in Karlie Knightly. She is reminded that the only time Ryan cheated on her it was with Tiffany, Karlie’s mother. While she grapples with her fears, she can’t help but be flattered by Timothy Newhouse, a fellow surgeon on an especially difficult case. Will she seek solace in another man’s arms?
Can a male and female be truly platonic?
Karlie Knightly’s boyfriend, Jamaal Weathers is pressuring her to have sex and Karlie isn’t trying to displease God. On top of that, brutal reviews on her debut song cite her as too sweet and inexperienced. Luckily, her best friend, Brian Oakes has the perfect suggestion to help her find her edge. Against everyone’s advice, Karlie and Brian begin an adventure, which draws them closer. Will she uphold the commitment she made to God?
Brian Oakes is enjoying college life and in particular, college girls. When Karlie discovers his deepest secret, he realizes he feels more for her than just a friend. Will Brian reform his ways and grab his chance at true love?

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