Chandra Sparks Splond

Always Remember a Blessing Is a Blessing

Chandra Sparks Splond

Have you ever found yourself earnestly praying for something from God only to get mad when the blessing arrives because it didn’t come in the form or package you wanted?

I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, and it struck me that I am so guilty of not always being thankful when God blesses me. Over the years, I’ve prayed for jobs, to get a “good” man, to get married, to have a baby, for reliable transportation and a nice place to raise my daughter. God has answered my prayers exceedingly and abundantly in ways I could never even imagine. Looking back, there have been so many times I’ve been annoyed—and if I’m being honest, I’ve been mad—at God because I prayed for this job and he gave me that one instead or I’ve prayed for this kind of man (notice I didn’t say anything about him being good) to find me, and that one ended up being the one to take notice instead.

I’m sure my annoyance has caused me to miss out on some blessings. I mean, if I can’t appreciate what I have, why would God bless me with more? After my conversation with my friend, I had to ask myself, if I know what’s best for me, why am I praying? If I can’t trust that God knows what’s best for me, why do I believe and have faith?

Maybe you’re like me and you’ve questioned your blessings and the form in which they’ve come. Today I challenge you to take a moment to realize a blessing is a blessing. God knows what’s best for you, and he’s not going to bring any junk your way. See your blessings through God’s eyes. Appreciate what he’s given you, regardless of what form they take.

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