Are Sweet Romances a substitute for Christian Romances?

Last week, while attending the RT Booklovers Convention in Vegas, I chatted briefly with a publisher who I’ve known for years. Aware that I wrote Christian romance, she approached me about the latest  trend in publishing: “sweet or clean romances.”

My response was, “You can’t get any cleaner than Christian romance,” I added, “You’re Jewish, you pray. I’m Christian, I pray, so I can’t imagine a character in crisis NOT crying out to God.”

After a few more minutes, we agreed to talk more about the emerging genre, then we went our separate ways. But that conversation got me thinking. As Christian readers, don’t we want to see how God is going to perform a miracle, deliver an individual or inspire us to spend more time with Him throughout the story?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the “Clean Romance” genre is gaining steam, because I’m part of a Sweet Romance Reads group, but can’t I mention Jesus’ name a couple of times, hear His whisper, or quote at least one Scripture in this new genre? I hope so, because I need the inspiration!

Pat Simmons is an award-winning and bestselling author with more than 30 Christian titles (Novels, novellas, and short stories). Her newest release, Every Woman Needs A Praying Man, is earning Five Star reviews.


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2 Replies to “Are Sweet Romances a substitute for Christian Romances?”

  1. I agree with you Pat. I am really struggling to find good Christian novels. There was a time when they were easily available, but now I cannot find new books by a lot of the Christian authors I used to support. What happened? Are they no longer writing or getting published?

    1. Hi Ursula, sorry for the late response. Authors have more options now when publishers reject manuscripts. We can indie publish them, but that comes with a price. Some indie authors can’t compete when it comes to book production and promotion. They may opt to take a break, or re-write the manuscript to the publisher’s guidelines. Please reach out to them and let them know you miss their work. Who knows what a little inspiration may do.

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