Falling Into Grace by Michelle Stimpson

Falling Into Grace“Michelle Stimpson will have you laughing, crying and relating to each of her vivid, vocal characters.” –AAMBC Book Reviews

“Her spiritual perspective adds depth that has you pondering her characters long after the book is done.” –Tiffany L. Warren, author of In the Midst of It All

Camille Robertson had her fifteen minutes of fame in the late ’90s with the sexy R&B girl group Sweet Treats. Now she works as a telemarketer and longs for the past. With her thirtieth birthday around the corner, Camille is determined to break back into the music industry. But her new agent says her only chance is to reinvent herself–as a gospel singer. So Camille joins the nearest mega church, headed by handsome worship leader, Ronald Shepherd. She quickly wows the choir and orchestrates a plan to secretly record herself and make a demo. But when she and Ronald sing a duet together, it ignites a spark for them both–and leaves Camille conflicted.

Camille is grateful for the relationship developing with Robert, but she’s not willing to let go of her dream–even if it means using him to get there. Before long, Camille finds herself betraying the people she cares about most. Can she have love, forgiveness, faith–and fame?

“Inspirational and full of hope.” –Urban Reviews on Last Temptation

“Michelle Stimpson does a wonderful job of creating characters that are believable and loveable.” –Good Girl Book Club

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