Genesis House by Angela Benson

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Genesis House Inspirational Romance and Family Drama
Boxed Set: 3-in-1

Genesis House. Real life. Real love. Real faith.  Three full length novels under one cover

Awakening Mercy

CeCe Williams and Nate Richardson were not looking to fall in love. After being deserted by her son’s father, CeCe was content making a life for herself and her four-year-old son. Nate, recovering from a recent divorce, devoted his energies to his job as director of Genesis House, a social services center in inner city Atlanta. Neither is prepared for what grows between them when CeCe comes to work at Genesis House, an inner city ministry in Atlanta. Can they let go of the pain of the past and build a life together or will secrets from CeCe’s past destroy any hope they have for a future?

Abiding Hope

Marvin and Shay Taylor lost themselves and their ministry after the death of their six-year-old son. Time and God’s grace brought them back to a place of renewal. As they step back into their ministry, Shay also wants to step back into motherhood. But Marvin’s fears make him reluctant to share her dream. Can this couple come together to overcome the pain of the past and build the family they’ve always wanted or will their fears and mistrust destroy their marriage?

The Amen Sisters

Francine Amen burned a lot of bridges when she left her hometown to join a traveling ministry. When devastating new about her pastor forces her to return home broken and alone, she finds that making amends is not easy. Her sister, Dawn Amen-Ray, is having her own set of problems. With her marriage to Francine’s ex in trouble, she’s not ready to deal with Francine’s return.  The Amen Sisters is a compassionate look at the lives that are forever changed when a pastor abuses his power with the women of his congregation.