Give Me A Reason by Tia McCollors

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Successful real estate agent Vaughn Holiday is reluctant to accept an early birthday gift from her ex-boyfriend, Trace. Why would the man who still loves her give her tickets to the Mix and Mingle, an event where she’s sure to have her pick from a pool of eligible Atlanta bachelors?  But despite her initial hesitation, Vaughn decides to give it a try. When she arrives with her cousin and best friend, Kiysha, by her side, she’s informed that the rules have changed: she’ll be going on 12 blind dates!

Vaughn throws all inhibitions aside for a chance at love, or at least to get interesting content for the relationships blog she’s decided to resurrect. But Vaughn quickly finds out that just because there are tons of fish in the sea, it doesn’t mean they’re all a great catch!

With each blind date, Vaughn realizes her love for Trace is still in her heart, but is disheartened that he may have moved on to another woman. But as fate, faith, and love would have it, Trace returns with reasons why their lives would be better together than they are apart.



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