Happy Mother’s Day!

IMG_0954Since today is Mother’s Day it’s only fitting that I give a shout out to my mom. Like most mothers, my mom will go to any length to help me out.  And like most daughters, many times I haven’t appreciated her efforts.  Over the years, one area of contention between us has been my weight.  She’s been warning me to do something about it and I’ve been telling her to let it go and love me as I was.  Well, like any good mom she didn’t heed my words.  But instead of continuing to preach at me about my weight, she took some action to bring her own weight under control. Because of her example, I was finally able to hear what she’d been trying to tell me over the years.  Not only that, I’ve been able to follow in her footsteps and make some life changes that have helped me begin to  get a handle on my weight.  Today, she’s at her goal weight and I’m moving toward mine.  I don’t know who’s happier about it, me, her or my doctor!

IMG_0399Thank you, mom, for loving me enough to act on your concern for me.  Your love, support and sacrifice are appreciated more than I’ll ever be able to show you.  But I’m going to keep trying, and not just on Mother’s Day.  I will continue to celebrate you and the mom you are each day that I live.  I love you.

Let’s celebrate our mothers today and everyday.  Always remember that even when she’s getting on your last nerve, she’s acting out of love.  🙂

NOTE: The the picture of my mom and me in the upper left corner of this post was taken at my oldest niece’s college graduation this past December.  The picture in the lower right is me and my mom with my niece at her high school graduation five years ago. We’ve come a long way!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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