Help Me Find Jesus (This Christmas)

Among the lights, candies, toys, and Christmas trees, can you find the reason for the celebration?

As an author of 30+ Christian romance stories, God has charged me to make Him the centerpiece in all my books. I want readers to unwrap the biggest gift on Christmas Day, which is Christ. My Christmas stories are reminders that the most invaluable gift of love was Jesus hanging from a cross to give us salvation from our sins.

In case you’ve never read any of my six Christmas novellas, below is a snippet of each:

  1. A Christian Christmas—a chance meeting in a checkout line changes the meaning of Christmas for a single mother of four. Christian Andersen delivers more than presents on Christmas Day. The spiritual aspect of this story inspired me to write A Christian Easter, followed by A Christian Father’s Day. Christian Andersen puts Christ back into these celebrated holidays.
  2. A Baby for Christmas—after the success of A Christian Christmas, fellow authors Lisa Watson and Vanessa Miller, convinced me that readers wanted more of a spiritual aspect in holiday stories. Under crazy writing deadlines from my publisher, I didn’t see that happening without a catchy title, or a story centered about Christmas. I did have a sequel concept from a summer read, Stopping Traffic, but that was it. Praise God I listened to them. To date, A Baby for Christmas has out-sold my other Christmas titles. Plus, Solae and Hershel are my favorite couple in the Love at the Crossroads series.
  3. Christmas Greetings—God was reaching out to those who are hurting during the holidays. The Lord gave me a message of hope, restoration, and a happy ending.
  4. A Noelle for Nathan—ended the Andersen Brothers series that Christian kicked off. Many times the poor and underprivileged are hidden in plain sight until the holidays where generosity abounds. By January 1st, their faces begin to fade into the background again. Noelle wasn’t going to let that happen.
  5. Couple by Christmas—probably was the funniest Christmas story I had written. While adults may find fault with their spouses, children only see perfection, which is why little Tyler wanted to see his divorced parents back together again. I enjoyed writing their second wedding proposal.
  6. Prayers Answered by Christmas—some say Christmas is all about the children. What some children want isn’t always found under a tree. Mikaela’s desire was heartfelt and she talked to Jesus about getting her a mommy for Christmas.

Not only do I write to entertain, but inspire, so others can find Jesus this time of year. Thanks for reading, and have a Blessed Christmas!

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  1. Congratulation on these books; they are truly inspired to cover the scope of the Christmas’ experiences. I related immediately to the titles and wanted to know content. Thank you. .

  2. Congratulations Mrs Pat! These are awesome! I love that you write to inspire. You certainly inspire me to keep pressing. Thank you!

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