How much sex is too much sex in Erotica?

I would guess that readers of that genre can’t get enough of it, which is why they buy it.

 Come on over to the other side: Christian novels.

Recently, I had a conversation with a friend, who is also an author of a different genre, about what is considered too much in Christian fiction.

I write Christian inspirational romance. Inspiration doesn’t necessarily come from God. When you pick up my book, expect Christ to be represented, because it is a Christian book.

I asked her how does one measure “too much.” Is there a limit on how many Scriptures an author should put on a given page or in a chapter that makes it preachy? What is the limit of church sermons characters should attend? Is two too many? How about one?  It’s a question that only the individual can answer.

Years ago, when I read my first AA Christian title by Aisha Ford, I welcomed the Scriptures she used in the book. It gave me a desire to pull out my Bible and every time she listed a Scripture, I felt that I was getting more than an entertaining story. I was feeding my soul. That always stuck with me, so it’s no wonder that I did the same thing with my first book, and my readers have come to expect the Scriptures in my stories. Don’t get me wrong, occasionally, I get reviewers who say the story is too preachy and that’s okay, because I don’t know their limit.

I purposely list the Scriptures instead of paraphrasing them—sometimes that causes a misinterpretation—t here is so much paraphrasing these days that even Christians may not know if it is a Biblical quote or not. One good example, “Come as you are.” It’s not in the Bible, but we hear it so much that some will repeat it not knowing that phrase is not in the Bible. So if my stories can push a reader to pick up a Bible, I’m happy and I believe so is God.

Here’s what one reader emailed me this weekend and said  about my writing: “I own every book (In ebook form) you have written and so appreciate the bible lessons and spiritual essence the characters have.  Please continue to be an inspiration to not only your readers, but also to other writers.”  Sylvia Wise.

What I love about her books is they are all biblically based! Thank you, Pat, for giving us some good, pure, interesting Christian materials to read!! I appreciate you! You and a handful of other Christian Authors are rare commodities in these last days!” Leelee, reader

This faith based story (In Defense of Love) was great! Containing all the elements to keep you reading. It was very well written and it could be a story that anyone of us could go thru. I love the scriptures you placed, and the history behind the characters with insight on matriarchs. Pat you definitely know how to tell a story! Great job!” Melody Vernor-Bartel

Such kind words that encouraged my heart. I love representing Christ in word and deed and I look at my novels as a reflection of that.  Church is a good thing. We gather there for prayer, deliverance, inspiration and repentance…to be changed.  So readers beware: When God saves, He completely saves and He has never left one of my characters picking up his/her sins off the cross.

200x300-GUILTY OF LOVE FINALYou can be the judge by downloading a free copy of my first Christian romance: Guilty of Love. Enjoy and let your thoughts be known by posting a review.

Until next time, be blessed!!!



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