Let the Games Begin…

Have you ever claimed a hobby, but never took the time to actually enjoy it? I’m waving my hands in the air. It’s been years since my husband and I have sponsored a game night at our house. We had so much fun with our guests, which included many couples. What happened? The culprit was those writing deadlines. If you’ve kept up with my schedule, then you know I’ve had four full length novels released this year alone, one short story and my upcoming Christmas novella.

Last night—or very early this morning—I turned in my final draft for that novella. I feel like shouting, “I’m FREE.” And in a sense, I am. Since my first Christian novel was released in 2007, it seems like I’ve always been on a deadline when the holidays rolled around.

For example, my latest release in the Carmen Sisters series, DRIVEN TO BE LOVED, was due to the publisher on New Year’s Day 2015. You heard right, so guess who was hold up in a room writing while everyone else was enjoying another slice of pie last year? Again, I’m waving my hands in the air.

But not this year, rubbing my hands together and grinning from ear to ear, I pulled out my stash of games. I counted about twenty board games. Some have multiple games included.

Although I’m waiting to receive my re-writes for A NOELLE FOR NATHAN, at least I play a game or read from my growing list of new releases from some of my author friends. So you might hear me shouting, “I get to READ! I’m turning the page now!”

During the upcoming holiday season, I pray that you get some down time to breathe and enjoy your blessings.

Pat Simmons

A NOELLE FOR NATHAN, coming soon

IMG_1091  IMG_1087

Here’s a list of my entertainment arsenal—some games are still in its original wrapping.

Let’s Have Church!

The Amazing Game Board Book (Contains more than 50 games and activities)

Einstein Touch Word Search



Monopoly (St. Louis Cardinals Collector’s Edition)

Judge for Yourself


Barista the Game

Jumble 3 Games in 1

Aunt Millie’s Millions

The Underground Railroad

Baffle GAB

Seniors Moments (hilarious)

Trivial Pursuit (Digital Choice)


Romantic Rendezvous



Word Spot

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