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A few weeks ago I accepted a position with Brown Girls Books as the Publishing Manager for the new Brown Girls Faith imprint. The position is a dream I never dreamed would happen, but I’m incredibly excited and blessed that I will have the opportunity to bring more great Christian fiction books to readers everywhere.

A few days after that announcement I went to dinner with a few close friends to celebrate. As we discussed the details of the job one of my girlfriends said, “You are always living your dreams. Just like a boss.”  For those of you who may not know, “Like a Boss” is a catchphrase that means doing something with authority, leading, a champion, in general #winning. Like A Boss is being used as a hashtag for social media posts about successful actions or things people are proud of doing. While her words were intended to applaud me (we were celebrating), I found them concerning. I quickly reminded her that her role as wife and homeschooling mother to her four children were boss roles as well. She didn’t quite see it that way and all I could think as I drove home was that she was devaluing a role that is so important and she is not alone. Many women do it and so do men. We trivialize what God has called us to do.

My public face, the one of Rhonda McKnight is of an author,  editor,  writing coach and now Publishing Manager, but Lord knows there isn’t a job that I have ever had that was more important than being a mother to the two kingdom kids in my house.  Everything else I do is in silhouette behind motherhood and I work very hard remember that aspect of my purpose on a daily basis. I car pool, menu plan, attend my kiddos sporting events, coupon and don’t get me started on daily homework. I’m definitely  doing it like a boss at home. So with that said, I want to encourage you to celebrate where you are in your life. Celebrate your calling as it is. Don’t compare what God has assigned you to do to what anyone else is doing. Purpose doesn’t have to be some big out of the box thing that can be announced to the world in a press release. Sometimes your purpose is being a mother and raising up sons and daughters that will impact the Kingdom of God. Your purpose may be the ministry in your church, work in the community, or introducing children to books in the library. The call God has on your life and the places He puts you in are important.  Never let anyone make you think that it’s not. The Body of Christ, the church, the kingdom needs us all. For what is the body without an arm or a toe or an eye? Remove any part from the body and see if you don’t need it and miss it. The word speaks to this in 1 Corinthians 12:14 -18. What’s that old hymn say? I have “A charge to keep I have, a God to glorify.”All our purposes matter, because when we operate in them, we glorify God.

Celebrate with me, I appreciate it, but celebrate you. There’s no one like you. No one can do what God has called you to do exactly like you would do it. He’s called us all to do it #LikeABoss

Speaking of a “boss” moment. My novel, Unbreak My Heart won the Romance Slam Jam 2015 Emma Award for Inspirational Romance of the Year. Have you read it?

 Unbreak My Heart

Cameron Scott’s reality television career is spiraling into an abyss. When her estranged husband, Jacob Gray, reappears offering a lifeline she realizes she still loves him. Cameron has kept a painful secret that continues to be at the root of the unspoken words between them. Regaining trust requires telling truths that she believes would destroy any chance for happiness they could ever have.

It’s available in e-book format on Kindle/Nook/iBooks/Smashwords and in paperback at Amazon and Barnes and Nobles online stores.



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  1. You are awesome and you put that so eloquently. Yes..i have read Unbreak My Heart and RSJ2015 for Inspirational Romance of the Year is so deserving.. Congratulations Rhonda 🙂

  2. Congrats in your new role and thanks for the encouraging words! Everyone has a purpose, whether big or small in the eyes of the world. One of my favorite truths is, “Only what you do for Christ will last.”

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