Mama B: A Time for War by Michelle Stimpson

Mama B: A Time for WarMama B knows she needs to get a handle on her bulging waistline, so she visits an exercise class at the local recreation center. But when the dancing style isn’t quite her cup of tea, she and her longtime friend, Ophelia, start a class of their own. Soon Mama B finds herself compelled to take in yet another wayward soul from the class. But will Frank agree to open his home to strangers?

When the exercise class comes under attack, Mama B has to figure out her place in the Lord’s army while hoping her strong position won’t backfire against Frank. And just when things seem to be looking up for the young woman whom she has been divinely appointed to help, Mama B’s temper gets the best of her and threatens to unravel the very mission God has called her to complete.

Join Mama B and a host of small-town characters in this poignant story about the internal and external wars we fight whether we realize we’re in them or not!

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