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Real Talk About Depression


I’m a very private person, but I feel the need to share this in hopes that it will help someone who is going through.

Depression is real, and it’s nothing of which to be ashamed. Three years ago, I was in a very bad head space. Very bad. No matter what I did or who I talked to, I just couldn’t seem to move beyond the sadness. It was magnified because I’m a Christian, and I felt so much guilt for not being able to pray the sadness away. I was just going through the motions of life and existing rather than living.

I know it’s only by the grace of God I’m still alive because everything in me didn’t want to live anymore.

What a difference a day—or rather several days—make. I made it through that dark season of life, and if you’re in that head space, I want you to make it through too.

If you are feeling sad for weeks on end and have no hope that things will get better, that is not normal. Please talk to someone you trust who can help you or get you help. Three years ago, I let others define who I was, and it almost destroyed me. Today, I am a living witness that you can make it through depression. My situation really hasn’t changed, but my perspective has, which has made a huge difference. Today, I honestly believe the best is yet to come for me and for you too.

I get it. Life is hard. Sometimes circumstances can overwhelm you to the point that you are paralyzed and you can’t do or say anything. I encourage you to fix your focus. Instead of trying to figure out how you’re going to get through today, just concentrate on getting through the next minute. Get some sleep. Go take a walk. Breathe. Talk to someone you trust. Pray. You’d be amazed how doing these small things will give you a different perspective on your situation. I pray this helps someone today. God bless you.


This post originally appeared on the Book of Splond.

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