Running Out of Room for Books!

It’s happening. I’m running out of room for my books, journals, and professional materials. All available bookshelves are full. Several closets are full of books. My Momma would pop me if she knew of these shenanigans in the Stimpson household…

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The thing is, I’m okay with books covering all the “stacking” space so long as they’re not on the floor. They can be in rows a mile high, and I’m just fine. But I have crossed the line. I now have books on the floor. THE FLOOR! (The horror!)



But what’s a reader to do? I’ve already given some books away, donated some or organizations, and I’ve even sold some that I really didn’t need anymore to Half-Price Books. (Nevermind the fact that while I was there, I bought more books.)

So I’ve been thinking. Maybe I need to do something creative with all of these books. Build a never-ending bookshelf—or at least one that can hold several dozen books.

Here are some ideas and my thoughts:

I like this one, but I don’t like the idea of having so much weight hanging on a wall.







I have no idea where this would go in my house, but I like it.

Mr. Stimpson would not be happy, though.





This I could definitely do. 


But for real, this is probably what I need for the long run: 

I have GOT to get this under control one day soon. I don’t y’all to have to come dig me out of a book avalanche. Pray for me!

Now I have to ask: Where do you keep all of your physical books? Feel free to post comments and even add pics to the Black Christian Reads Facebook page!

14 Replies to “Running Out of Room for Books!”

  1. I so love this post!! I used to have bookshelves. Can you believe I have a box of books in a bin. No, wait… I donated most of them. I have most of my books on Kindle!!! The physical books I have now are my own author copies. I LOVE that bookshelf but it might be a fire hazard, lol

  2. I have so many filled bookshelves in my house it’s shameful. I even have bookshelves in my garage! I should really donate some of them, but I’m a little obsessed with my books. I’d give away a TV before giving away a book. LOL

  3. I had to reply because I have the same problem. I am the founder and president of a book club. I have hard backs, and paper books, agendas from the meetings (old and new), journals, and info for all the members old and new as well. I feel you! I’m in a similar situation. I have no ideas or solutions to aid you! It’s serious but comical. At least you can say you’re an author I’m Not. Pray for me and I will pray for you, deal?

    1. Velda, I feel your pain! Yes, it’s serious to my husband, but hey – at least it’s just books and not some weird-looking figurines, right?

  4. My books are currently stacked up in my closet, nightstand and a small bookshelf. I used to have a large bookshelf, but I over packed it. And since I’m more a hardback book buyer, weight of them caused a few of the shelves to snap in two. My book collection has been out of hand and with two kids who have their own book collection, my dream home is definitely a place with a library that has floor to ceiling bookshelves!

    1. See, that’s why I’m not going to do that one that hangs on the wall. I’ve had some shelves crack a time or two! Yes, that dream home will have a room with wall-to-wall shelves!

  5. I have 2 bookshelves overflowing, plus several piles on a table in the living room and on my dresser in my room. That doesn’t include the one’s I’ve already read that’s in the garage. I was going to use that back room I have, but my brother is staying with me now, so I guess I’ve got to get to reading, lol

    1. Shannan, at least your stuff is not on the FLOOR! LOL! It’s the floor that gets to me. Best to you and your brother 🙂

  6. Ha! I feel your pain. I have one floor to ceiling bookshelf that is overflowing….plus boxes and boxes of books in the storage shed in the backyard….and some in the trunk of my car. It’s a problem for sure. My only suggestion is to start buying more digital books. That’s what I did. No, it’s not the same, but it will work to both feed the need for more reading and taking up less space.

    Oh and my favorite choice for shelving is the last one. They’re so creative!
    Art + Functionality= Winner!

    1. Yes, the last one is definitely my favorite, Faith! I’m going to have to go all ebooks from now on for the most part. I has come to that over here at the Stimpson household!

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