Seasoned Just Right

If I was sitting in a Proverbs 31 Woman’s Support Group, I’d be compelled to raise my hand and confess:  “My name is Rhonda McKnight and I don’t like to cook.” Seriously, not cooking seems to epidemic among authors, for I’ve read many author interviews where this has been said. But while I don’t care to cook, I can cook and I have some items on my list that are best prepared by me. When I want good fried chicken, I fry it. When I want the best macaroni and cheese, I put it together and bake it. When I want to eat greens until I’m green on the inside, I season them up. If I want really good truffles, I melt some chocolate and roll them. What does this have to do with Christian fiction? It has everything to with why I read it. I write what’s inside of me and I read what I want inside of me. I’ve heard some authors who write Christian novels say that don’t get to read their peers books and I think that’s mostly because writers don’t have as much time to read, because well, we’re…writing. While I make it a policy never judge what or how much anyone is choosing to read, I have to read Christian fiction. It’s like those greens I crave.

My stories are my own brand of chicken and chocolate. I take the ingredients of an idea and season it just right so it may be enjoyed. When I’m finished, even I want to gobble it up. And while they come from me, they are not stories I’ve lived in my life. The chronicles of Samaria Jacobs in An Inconvenient Friend and What Kind of Fool are pure fiction.  I am glad I don’t know a mistress who would be so bold as to walk up in the church seeking out her lover’s wife in order to steal the woman’s husband.  Scandalous! And my baby sister would surely not have the nerve to call me up and ask me to help her plan her wedding if she was marrying my EX! Girl, NO! Breaking All The Rules is not my life, but the themes of faith and forgiveness and the angst of God I don’t know what’s next, but I trust you completely are my life. They are my emotions and they are my journey. They are the seasoning I use to make that story just right. So, I write Christian fiction for you and hope while you are surely entertained by the drama that ensues in each and every chapter, I also pray that you find a little “peace” of Jesus between the pages. I read Christian fiction, because I am just like you, my reader, seeking God’s best for my heart and soul. Like good macaroni and cheese, I want to finish a book and say, “Ooo wee! Jesus that was good.”


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  1. This was a very different and awesome analogy between cooking and writing. I never would’ve put the two together. Please continue writing what you love because we enjoy it!!! Now I need to find me some food!

    1. You know I’m scratching my head trying to remember how it came together. LOL. I was probably hungry. ***wink*** Thanks for stopping by Sherrell. I appreciate your support.

  2. So I just left my medical website looking for nutrition classes in my area covered 100% by my plan. Then I check email and see this newsletter from you Rhonda and of course I settle in to read it right away. Sooo after looking for nutrition classes I’m feeling a bit guilty because now I want Mac n cheese, greens and potato salad…Ugh, and I’m going to cook it today..LOL everything in moderation..right?

    Enjoyed this article outstanding

    1. Sorry about that, Missy. Moderation…yeah, that’s how you do it. Thank you so much for supporting my work from the beginning. I so appreciate you and your book club.

  3. Love it Rhonda..I hate cooking too. I do it because my family has to eat. Anyway reading your books, I always wondered if I ever got to meet this author, would she be as nice as I imagined her to be…You more than exceeded my imagination. Thank you for you willingness to help a girl with so much desire but didn’t have a clue as to what she was doing.

    1. Awww, thank you so much, Unoma. I’m glad you saw my heart. I love my sisters. You are a rock star. Amazing things are happening for you. You will continue to soar.

  4. Only in the words of Rhonda McKnight does the passion flow from the heart. Kudos to your cooking and writing. You know I love a good romance….clearing my throat and giving you a big smile!

  5. I still remember meeting you in the elevator in Little Rock for RSJ… Can you see me smile? 🙂 I cook but I not a fan .. I should be since I love to eat. Can’t wait to see you again!!

  6. Yes, that was a great day. I finally met Cilla. I so love meeting the people I’ve connected with in person. I should love getting in the kitchen as well, because I love to eat, but it’s the time and planning. I don’t know. Some people are naturals. Everyone has their gifts and talents. I love to write. Someone else loves to cook. I have a girlfriend who loves to clean. We all love something and I think we should do what we love and make the rest of life fit in around it. 😉

  7. I can cook too, but I definitely don’t like to cook either. LOL! Rhonda, I enjoyed your cooking analogy to writing and yes… now you have me wanting some fried chicken. I can’t remember the last time I had some good chicken.

  8. Thanks, Ty. Every time I come to respond comments I want to fry some chicken, but I’m on deadline. I don’t have time.

  9. Cooking drains me – I’m always exhausted afterward. Lol Writing leaves me full, so I totally get it! But next time I’m in ATL I might need some mac and cheese and greens, along with an autographed copy of your latest book! Thanks for sharing.

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